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My mission is to help people make_space for a deeper connection with God in their journey of faith.

Welcome to Make_Space. Here the focus is just that—making space in life so that we might hear God more clearly. Too often our lives and our schedules are filled with so much activity that we can barely find time to breathe, let alone truly care for our souls.

Enjoying Nature

clinical counseling coming in 2024



“After two years of Spiritual Direction with Trevor, I can say the following with confidence: Life has a way of making me feel dangerously close to flying away at any moment; Spiritual Direction is the tether that keeps my soul grounded. It is a touchstone, allowing me to repeatedly move aside what the world has hidden and rediscover who I’ve been all along. It has been a gift to move forward with truth and clarity, and this gift was made possible by Trevor’s wisdom and direction.”


“I appreciate the time and space for conversation. I definitely have more clarity and a deeper understanding of my spirituality.  Our one-on-one allowed me to look deeper at the context and search of my own beliefs. The greatest breakthrough was in realizing that I don’t HAVE to envision God the same as I was brought up to believe or how somebody else believes. I find more confidence in how I feel about my faith…”

Helping Hand

“We're all just walking each other home.” -Ram Dass 

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