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>>> PLEASE NOTE that during the months of January through June, 2024, I will not be taking new client appointments for spiritual direction. I am in the process of working on clinical internship hours for a Masters in Clinical Counseling and am unable to meet with spiritual direction clients. Check back here, or join the mailing list, if you want to get updates on the status of scheduling. In August of 2024 I will begin scheduling counseling sessions. 

Spiritual Direction is a relational journey toward a greater awareness and growth of your lived experience in connection with God.     

Some have used the imagery of 3 chairs where the Director, Directee, and God sit together in conversation about God’s activity and desires in the life of the Directee. Spiritual Direction is an ancient practice which acknowledges that God is at work around us regardless of our level of awareness of that work. Becoming more aware and open to that work is the goal of Spiritual Direction. This isn’t counseling or therapy. Direction is aimed at walking through the spiritual encounters of life, finding the intersections and themes of God’s presence in your life, and pushing through the obstacles toward greater freedom in spirit. A Spiritual Direction relationship involves the Director as companion asking a lot of questions and the Directee being willing to do the work, both in and between sessions.  To read more about Spiritual Direction, and to gather a little more information about the logistics of meeting, download this informational sheet.

I am currently taking clients. Just click the button below to book a session through Calendly. If you think you might be interested but have further questions, please contact me and I would be happy to share further information.

Individual Direction
Enjoying Sunset
Individual Direction

Companioning you in your faith journey with God in a 1-on-1 setting, either in person or virtually through Zoom. Individual direction sessions typically take place once a month, unless you find yourself in a particularly tough place of discernment or brokenness that might require meeting more often. Sessions can be booked through the calendly link below.

Retreat Direction
Retreat Direction
Retreat Direction & Workshops

I am available for speaking events, workshops, and retreats. If you have an event or group gathering in need of a program, contact me for ways that I can help. Spiritual growth and inspiration, 1-day events, gatherings with your staff team, small group, etc. Contact me for more information.

Book Club
Calm Woman
Sabbatical Direction

A weekly time together (in person or virtually) to process the spiritual side of sabbatical or renewal leave. I have a heart for clergy and desire to walk through the journey of sabbatical for exploration and reflection. Materials are provided to aid in this process. For availability and cost, please contact me directly.

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